PTZ-Pädagogisch Therapeutisches Zentrum in Essen sucht

Heilpädagogin/Heilpädagoge (m/w/d) oder vergleichbaren Abschluss (Sozialpädagogik, Rehabilitationspädagogik, Dipl. Pädagogik)

in Teilzeit (20 bis 30 Stunden wöchentlich)


Integrierte Psychiatrie Winterthur Zürcher Unterland

Oberärztin/Oberarzt (80 - 100%) 

Behandlungszentrum für Traumafolgen in Winterthur


Bundesweite Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Psychosozialen Zentren für Flüchtlinge und Folteropfer (BAfF e.V.) sucht

ein*en Referent*in für Psychotherapie mit Geflüchteten (ca. 25 h/ Woche).


"Independent Raters" gesucht

MAPS Europe B.V., a trial sponsor, aims to obtain approval for the prescription use of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) as an adjunct to psychotherapy in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). MP18 is a multi-site, open-label, lead-in study that will assess the safety and effectiveness of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in participants diagnosed with at least severe PTSD. The study will take place in multiple countries in Europe. Additional information about this research is available at

A group of highly-trained and reliable independent raters (IR) will conduct several tests via tele-assessment (a video call over a secure, encrypted internet connection) at different time points. The IR will not know the study design, the number of visits or number of treatments the participant has received and will not have access to data collected by the sites during the treatment period. These measures and the fact that the people performing these tests are independent of the active study reduces the chance of bias. IR visits will be assigned based on availability of the rater.

If this has caught your interest and you can identify with the above, then please read the job description linked below and email an up-to-date CV (in English) to 

Libby Heimler, Independent Rater Pool Coordinatior.

Please find more information here: Independet Rater Job Description. (


Kunsttherapeut(in) für die Behandlung von Kindern und Jugendlichen gesucht